Register Additional Parent/Guardian so that Everyone Gets Updates from the GVLL Website

Updated Friday November 30, 2018 by Greenwich Village Little League.

The GVLL website is used by League Officials and Managers/Coaches to send important e-mails to their team families. The website can be used to register an additional parent or guardian so that everone will get these timely messages.

When you registered your player for the season you created a profile for yourself and the player being registered. You can invite a second parent/guardian to register so that they also receive all team e-mails. All you need to do is follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Logon to the GVLL website with the parent id that was created during the registration process, and select "My Profile Page"

2. Click on the blue "My Info" button along the left menu bar.

On the My Information Page

3. Click the "Additional Parents/Guardians" tab along the top

4. Click the black "Add Additional Parent" button on the right.

The second parent will receive an email from the site with a registration link. When completing info, make sure that the "Receive Emails" checkbox is checked.

Simple as that! Any questions can be e-mailed to