You still can play GVLL Summer Ball!!

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Updated Wednesday August 1, 2018 by Greenwich Village Little League.

Dear GVLL parents,

We are excited to announce that registration is open for GVLL's 2018 Summer Baseball Program. 

Summer Ball takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday night with warm-up at 5:30PM and games from 6PM until 8-8:30PM or dark, whichever comes first. The season runs from Tuesday, July 10 through Wednesday, August 15.  This year’s Summer Ball is for boys and girls aged 7-12 and is organized by the following divisions:

  • Summer Minors, league ages 7 to 10: To register for this division, your player must have been born between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2011, (please refer to the LLoA age chart here) This division will emphasize fun and skills development and include workouts with the P3 coaching staff. Players will receive reversible jerseys so that team assignments can be made based on player availability on game day. Managers may have professional P3 coaches pitch to players to ensure that games can be instructional and productive. Opportunity to move from Minors to Majors will be by invitation only. Games will be played at Pier 40 East CY and/or JJ Walker Field. Register Now


  • Summer Majors, league ages 11 to 12:  To register for this division, your player must have been born between May 1, 2005 and August 31, 2007 (please refer to the LLoA age chart here), and have played GVLL Majors this past Spring, or the equivalent. This division will offer a higher level of play than our Summer Minors division but will still be a fun, recreational division. Games will be played at Pier 40 East CY and/or JJ Walker Field. Register Now

GVLL Summer Ball is a great way for your player to have fun, learn some skills, and build a little confidence. And for kids who will be playing Majors next spring, to get some exposure, as there just might be a bit of scouting for the Spring draft.

Because summer is get-away time for a lot of families, there is not the expectation that your player will be able to make every game. In fact, most players attend only 3 or 4 weeks…or some players come most nights but miss nights that don't work for them...Which makes it exciting, as each week offers a chance to play with different teammates, depending on who is in town.

We welcome any parents to help out in the dugout, so please let us know if you're interested.

Scholarships are available and will be reviewed on an individual case basis. Please email with the subject of "Summer 2018 Scholarship Request” if you require financial assistance.

Please note there are no programs for players born after August 31, 2011, and Summer Uppers has been discontinued.

P3 softball and baseball camps are available throughout the summer, providing another great way for kids to have fun and learn the game of baseball. Visit for details.

The 2018 Fall Ball season will begin in September, and more information will be made available on during the summer.