Miscellaneous FAQ

Updated Saturday February 11, 2017 by Greenwich Village Little League.

How can I find about more about the GVLL board and its members?

A list of GVLL Board members and their duties can be found here. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact the Board at gvll.board@gmail.com or attend our annual open Board meeting and let us know of your interest (details are announced on the website).

How can I purchase GVLL merchandise?

The league sells GVLL sweatshirts and other merchandise throughout the year at various games and events and announces those sales via email. Additionally, you can click here to purchase a variety of GVLL t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more. Note that the League receives 10% of the purchase price of any item you buy.

I would like my child to learn more of the skills required to play Little League. Are there any resources available from GVLL?

Many coaches and managers share instructional videos with players and parents throughout the season. GVLL also offers fall and winter instructional programs; check the website for announcements. Additionally, P3, an organization run out of Pier 40 and affiliated with GVLL, offers afterschool programs, summer and holiday camps, and private instruction, all of which allow kids to have fun while learning baseball fundamentals. Find out more about the programs offered by P3 here.