Sponsorship FAQ

Updated Saturday February 11, 2017 by Greenwich Village Little League.

How can I sponsor a team?

GVLL is always looking for sponsors for our many teams—this, along with registration fees, is an important source of revenue needed to pay for everything from bats and balls and uniforms to umpires, safety equipment and trophies. We offer opportunities to sponsor at various levels. Register via our Online Sponsorship Form or you can always contact the GVLL Sponsorship Team via the Contact Us page.

I do not have a business, but I know of a business that might like to sponsor a team. How can I make that happen?
Any potential sponsor can read more about sponsorship and register via our Online Sponsorship Form. Or he or she can contact the GVLL Sponsorship Committee via the Contact Us page.

Are there other ways to donate to GVLL?

Yes! Any amount you would like to contribute goes directly to our Scholarship Program, enabling kids to play who might otherwise not be able to due to financial hardship. Visit our Donations page here to donate via Paypal or credit card.

Are my charitable contributions and donations tax deductible?

GVLL is a chartered local league of Little League Baseball, Inc., the national not-for-profit organization of Little Leagues. ANY amount that you donate is fully tax-deductible by law.